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Katherine is the consummate trainer for every person. Of course she can tailor a fitness regimen for those who are just starting to exercise or who are deconditioned. But as a former athlete, I was initially skeptical that a trainer could be cost effective for me. I was very wrong! With every workout I am pushed beyond what I think I can do. Her workouts will challenge those who are not new to exercise training and can diversify and complement a current training program; she can bring you to a higher level of fitness that you would be unlikely to achieve on your own. I saw noticeable results within one month of starting workouts with her. I had just as quick of a response after my pregnancy and am actually leaner and stronger than before. I have not had an injury since I began regular workouts with her 3 years ago. I also love that I am not over-trained after her workouts so that I can run hard the next day if I choose.

Kathryn Meier

I can't put into words how grateful I am to have found you! You constantly motivate, push and support me in my goals to stay fit and healthy. I love getting up in the mornings for our workouts and leaving them feeling even better. I can't thank you enough for your flexibility to work with my travel schedule. I also value your ability to help me work through all my injuries! Everyone would benefit from training with you! And you just absolutely rock as a person!

Julia Feldman

Katherine is the most amazing personal trainer I could possibly imagine. I have been training with her for over two years now, and no two workouts have ever been the same. She achieves the perfect balance of inspiration and perspiration, knowing exactly how hard to push while staying aware of her client's fitness level. Katherine is completely nonjudgmental and so encouraging in times of setbacks. She has made me believe in myself!

I am also impressed with Katherine's knowledge and creativity - when I injured my back, she designed workouts that kept me exercising without any impact on my back. Katherine clearly loves exercise and personal training, and her humor and enthusiasm make every workout something I truly look forward to. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Alice Hendricks

If the body is the best business card for a personal trainer - just meet Katherine in person - not a single word can serve as better recommendation. How credible!!! And thank you Kat! What I owe you is priceless!

Noel Murphy

Katherine has done wonders for me - I never in my life imagined that I would run a half marathon - I went on to run 3 a year and in doing so - not only found a way to get my endorphin rush but a form of fitness that I love. For that I am eternally grateful to Katherine. Katherine is extremely devoted to her clients and went way beyond what I had expected from any trainer by not only running these half marathons with me but getting up at 5am and talking me through to the finishing line!

Evelyn de Souza

'The same mind framework which created a problem can't solve it'. How accurate these words of Einstein have proved to be for me in my struggles to regain fit and healthy body Or... actually their accuracy dawned on me when I met Katherine and for the first time in my life I got the feeling I know where I was making mistakes and how easily they could be corrected and turned into a lasting and sustainable string of successes. And my previous ups and downs just testify to this conclusion: it can't be just any trainer, I know it for sure I wouldn't have been where I am without you Katherine. Nothing beats this clarity of knowing what to do, how to do it and why to do it I owe you in my workout. I wish all my choices in life were as good as the choice of you as my personal trainer.

Aneta Piwko

Who would have thought that out of everything that I miss about San Francisco, I would miss my personal trainer most!!! Not a single workout was matching ever since I've moved back home. Why won't you move to Kopenhagen Kathrine ?

Bjarne Steensgaard

Katherine has trained me a number of times, both at a local 24hr Fitness as well as outdoors on the Crissy Field green, on occasions where I've been traveling through SF. I've worked out with about 3-4 other trainers in the past several years, and I can say without hesitation that Katherine is the most motivating, regimented, knowledgeable, people-friendly, and enjoyable trainer with whom I've worked, to date. If you have a temporary injury, she'll work around it easily. If you need pushing to achieve a goal, she'll do it mercilessly. The night before each session with her, I look forward with enjoyment to the next morning. Every appointment with her has been highly productive and yet super fun. A++.

Oliver Medzihradsky

I was referred to Katherine by another trainer who thought I could get additional benefits from Katherine's style Having been a track runner and gym user for years I thought I knew it all. Well was I wrong? This woman is an expert, she understands mechanics like no-one else. She will never injury you , she will listen, advise and encourage but in her amazingly kind way, make you perform more of an all body work-out that will leavenothing in the bank, without an overdraft. I never look forward to workouts but Katherine makes it as good as it can be. The facility in the Marina is excellent. Easy parking, with trainers who are clearly above average. Thank you Katherine, I would and have referred others to you. I am a doctor and would not do so without 100% confidence.

Alex McDonald

I can't say enough about Katherine as a trainer or a person. I have trained with Katherine both pregnant and non pregnant. She knows the techniques and what is safe for a pregnant woman and how to get your body back within weeks!As a trainer, she encourages and inspires you to work hard. She teaches you to love exercise and your body. She is empathetic to the pain and challenges of working out. She finds the right balance between pushing you to your limit but not not hurting yourself. You can absolutely trust Katherine. She is an expert, she is a professional, and she is a kind, wonderful person.

Amy Goldman

I have known Katherine for two years now and she truly lives up to the title of personal trainer. Not only does she do a great job teaching you a healthy lifestyle, she lives it day in and day out as well. She is very warm and passionate, which makes it very easy to make a connection. You feel like she really cares about you and will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. Highly recommended!

Angel Jensen

I have workedout with Katherine in the past. She is driven to help clients by utliizing her knowledge of fitness (cardio; weights; flexibility; diet) to craft programs that succeed. She is knowledgable, engaging, interactive and yes, funny (shhhhhhh - do not tell her I wrote that ...LOL). If you need a trainer, she's the one to hire.

Allan Brown

San Francisco Personal Fitness Trainer
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